Ashford Arts Centre, established in 2015, the first and only Community Centre for the Creative and Performing Arts in Ashford.
We make it possible for anyone in the community to learn the basics of playing an instrument, sing, paint/draw, dance and more. We put as wide a range as we could manage into our basic membership plan. There are optional private lessons, workshops, college courses and more sheltered in our centre. Come find whatever it is you’re looking to do or learn in the arts.

TERM DATES: 2016-172017-18

We run a Basic Membership Plan as well as an accredited school and we have ample studio space for freelance artists to meet clients and students.  We also run Music and Arts Holiday Camps between terms for children aged 8 – 11 as well as a wide range of Community Classes for all ages.
 Ashford Arts Centre Is In The Heart Of Ashford’s Cultural Quarter – The Town Centre.  We House Resident Artists and Provide The Community With Affordable Access To Quality Arts and Music Training. All members can learn Music Theory, Piano, Singing and Art. AAC members can also join clubs to create Live Events, Community Film/Production projects, Community magazines/newsletters etc…

For £25 a month, Ashford Arts Centre Basic Membership Includes:
Basic Instrumental Lessons (Learn to play the 7 chords on piano, guitar, flute, percussion as and when spaces are available, then join a performance group to apply what you’ve learned)
Group Singing
Art & Music Clubs
Performance Groups
Basic Film and Music Production.
Discounts on summer school and optional extended care for children 8-11.
PLEASE NOTE: Arts Centre Basic Membership is an all-inclusive pass to join our weekly clubs and community classes. Basic Membership is £25 a month for an individual or £50 a month for the family. It does not include optional private lessons and other premium offerings, Trinity College London Arts Award, KATFM Learning Centre courses nor does it include ESOL/ESL, maths and other Open Colleges Network qualifications.
Optional Private and Small Group Lessons
We have priced our basic membership to enable people from all backgrounds to learn to read, write, play or sing music, learn basic film making and sound design techniques with a view to offering spaces in our higher education courses for those interested. We realise some of our members will prefer to pay a bit more for premium services such as 1-to-1 lessons on an instrument or singing. We have a list of highly qualified instructors who will meet and teach private music lessons in the safety and convenient location of the arts centre. These lessons will progress through Trinity and Guilds or ABRSM Grade 1 – 8.
Private Lessons – Member Fees: £20 per hour
Private Lessons – Non-member fees: £30 per hour
Small group Lessons (2 students)
Member fees: £10 per hour
Non-member fees: £15.00 per hour
KATFM Learning Centre is located inside the arts centre. The learning centre offers a range of qualifications in core subjects which includes maths, English, Geography, History and other subjects.  The qualifications earned here can be used to move into higher education. Please call the office at 01233 637 309 for details.
We have daily, weekly and monthly resident artists who use Ashford Arts Centre regularly for everything from painting portraits to dance. Our fees are reasonable and the entire building is dedicated to the arts.

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Sign up for weekly community classes at Ashford Arts Centre.  —  Shop for your piano book or club uniform — See the Schedule of Courses available at your arts centre.

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TERM DATES: 2016-172017-18