Rhonda Merrick Studio and Multimedia Centre

Ashford Arts Centre has 2 recording studios. Both studios also serve as multi-media rooms which can comfortably accommodate 25 people.


The AAC has a multimedia centre  which is sometimes open for small public gatherings to hire, watch original films, listen and share spoken word and musical events, learn and discuss things with guest speakers from theatre, music, film and television industries.


The private and secure studio is inhabited by resident film maker, musician, writer and social entrepreneur Rhonda Merrick and is regularly used  for creating and directing performances from her books and poems, TV shows, films, stage plays and songs.

The adjacent KATFM Records studio is a full fledged recording studio which is regularly used by working bands, but serves as a comfortable and deeply creative environment for guests to share original thoughts and ideas. There are screens, PA systems, surround sound speakers and multiple electrical outlets in both studios.


Rhonda Merrick is a prolific writer, talented actress and musician who has made a home in Ashford to create international quality original works.

Rhonda Merrick photo by: NGM


According to Indie Bands Blog:

“... she still finding her space in the industry, but with no doubt Rhonda Merrick is a talented songwriter who reflects on the daily life around her…” 

Rhonda Merrick is founder and co-director of KATFM CIC and Ashford Arts Centre. Her fellow directors are Ritchie Swann (Composer and Multi-instrumentalist) and Keely Timms (Proprietor of The Music Shop on New Rents and The Music School at KATFM Studios).

Both of our multimedia centres  regularly function as recording and film studios. A producer and/or sound engineer will be on-hand during your visit.


There is a disabled lift in the building.DSC01786


Self catering facilities in the studio. DSC01796

Retractable screens and large screen televisions with surround sound.


This is a working studio, creativity flows here everyday, it’s an ideal place to meet, talk, think, connect with other people and create.DSC01767