Ashford Arts Centre is nestled in the Creative Quarter of Ashford, adjacent to Park Mall, where a wide range of independent artisans create everything from textiles to silver ornaments. The arts centre is home to Ashford Community Theatre where live music, plays, comedy shows & other performances take place regularly. There are a range of short-term and weekly clubs and courses in the creative and performing arts for all ages, abilities and financial backgrounds.


Ashford Arts Centre is a project of Kent Arts Television Film Music (KATFM)

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Community Arts and Education

Since 2015,  Ashford Arts Centre has made it possible for young people with complex needs to access the following arts training and qualifications:

  1. A special-needs school catering to students with profound and severe learning difficulties and physical and sensory impairments has termly classes in our centre.
  2. A group of de-registered young people in Home Education are working towards their GCSE exams in the Creative and Performing Arts in our centre. These young people would not otherwise have access to arts qualifications.
  3. Young people attending schools where GCSE arts courses are unavailable are able to study and take their exams at the arts centre.
  4. People of all abilities and financial backgrounds can find access to community arts programmes at the arts centre.

Membership plans at Ashford Arts Centre are year-round. The prices are kept as low as possible to give everyone access to basic skills in the Creative and Performing arts. We would be grateful if you did not cancel your membership when you go away on holiday. If you need to take a month’s holiday from your membership, please let us know and we’ll put you on the holiday plan for £1 and then your regular plan when you come back.  The holiday plan will hold your space in a class and will retain your current membership regardless of future changes to membership plans or pricing.  Every member counts in helping to keep the project going and with your help, Ashford Arts Centre will be here when you get back.

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