Art Students Preparing for Ashford Fringe Festival

KATFM Learning Centre students are preparing for a small art exhibit during Ashford Fringe Festival. The Paul Nash Project is a 6 week effort to learn about the life and work of the artist from childhood through World War 1.  In a joint effort between all teaching staff at the school, students have journeyed through a 4-part BBC Learning film series on the artist, they’ve studied some of his paintings and learned specific techniques to create paintings in the style of Paul Nash.

art and design 4may2017

KATFM Learning Centre students have also studied Geography based on places where some of Nash’s paintings were created and they’ve participated in discussions about the inspiration for each painting. Lastly, they’ve experienced no-tech maths in an effort to grasp how students would have learned maths concepts in the early 1900’s. Students have done times tables, addition, multiplication and division without calculators or computers… just brainpower, paper and pencils.

The exhibition will take place at County Square on Saturday and Sunday the 20th and 21st of May from 1 – 4pm, during High Street Music Festival.

Ashford Arts Centre Singer/Songwriter students learning  simple ways to accompany themselves on guitar and piano, how to use the microphone and how to take a proper gig photo. Yeah, it was a good session.

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Freelance Music Teachers Wanted

Ashford Arts Centre, established in 2015, is the first and only Community Centre for the Creative and Performing Arts in Ashford. We make it possible for anyone in the community to learn the basics of playing an instrument, sing, paint/draw, dance and more. We put as wide a range as we could manage into our basic membership plan. There are optional private lessons, workshops, college courses and more sheltered in our centre.

The arts centre is seeking Freelance Music Teachers to offer private and small group lessons to students and club members. If you  teach any instrument, we would like you to be on our list to refer students as and when requests come in. We have upwards of 600 people a week coming to the arts centre.  All bookings and fee payments are paid in advance at reception. You’ll be paid at the end of your final lesson. Payment is £12 – 18 per hour depending on experience.  In addition to teaching here, you’ll be encouraged to showcase your work and it’s likely you’ll find paid gigs through the people you meet here as we run rehearsal rooms and a recording studio.

Please visit our website for details about our project. We’re part of Kent Arts Television Film Music (KATFM) CIC and our self-funded, grassroots project is making an impact on the lives of people that might otherwise never have access to instruments or the opportunity to learn to read, write and perform music. But some of our members have more to invest and it’s for them that we’re setting up a private tuition option.

We have short-term positions available to teach small groups to play the 7 chords (notes) with variations. These introductory courses are designed to get students proficient enough to play an instrument to rhythm within a performance group to continue learning.  This is a fantastic way for all our students to progress, but is the only forward for students who can’t afford private lessons. DBS required.

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01233 637 309

Ashford Arts Centre Releases Its New Schedule Of Classes

Ashford Arts Centre releases its line-up of classes for this term with performance dates for its students and club members. These classes are part of the arts centre’s Basic Membership Plan and all activities on the schedule are fee for arts centre members. Alternatively, you can also sign up for private lessons on a range of instruments with Qualified Tutors who will meet you in the safety and convenience of the arts centre for an additional fee. Spaces are limited where indicated, so sign up early to reserve your spot.

Non-members are welcome to join an of the courses on this schedule. The fee is £7 per session. Read the list of courses from guitar to film production. If you see something you like, you can  register by calling or stopping by the arts centre at 5-7 Park Street, TN24 8LR. The phone number is 01233 637 309.

KATFM Announces Release of Grade 1 Piano Book

KATFM is pleased to announce Blue Red Green Media LTD has released the KATFM Grade 1 Piano and Music Theory book.

As several dozen students approach the end of the non-profit arts organisations Pre-Grade 1 Piano and Music Theory book, resident musician and writer Rhonda Merrick, has completed the second of a nine-book series of piano and music theory instruction books designed to remove the pressure of piano exams from students interested only in learning to read, write and play music.

The course also makes it possible for lower-income families to have access to quality and comprehensive musical training.  The book includes scales, broken chords, instrumental pieces and Music Theory in one single workbook which is available in the Ashford Arts Centre for £5.50 and will soon be available on Amazon where the Pre-Grade 1 book is already listed.

KATFM CIC does not own original content, all rights are reserved by the author. But we are pleased to have a resident author and muisican at KATFM, teaching our members to read, write and play music.


Performance Choir

4:30 – 6:00 – Youth Performance Choir,
by invitation or audition (Although there’s no extra fee to join, this is not a general membership group. It’s a very disciplined music group, creatively challenging, sight-reading and pitch recognition required. Entrance based on talent and behaviour). Send email to or call Rhonda 01233 637 309.