KATFM Announces Release of Grade 1 Piano Book

KATFM is pleased to announce Blue Red Green Media LTD has released the KATFM Grade 1 Piano and Music Theory book.

As several dozen students approach the end of the non-profit arts organisations Pre-Grade 1 Piano and Music Theory book, resident musician and writer Rhonda Merrick, has completed the second of a nine-book series of piano and music theory instruction books designed to remove the pressure of piano exams from students interested only in learning to read, write and play music.

The course also makes it possible for lower-income families to have access to quality and comprehensive musical training.  The book includes scales, broken chords, instrumental pieces and Music Theory in one single workbook which is available in the Ashford Arts Centre for £5.50 and will soon be available on Amazon where the Pre-Grade 1 book is already listed.

KATFM CIC does not own original content, all rights are reserved by the author. But we are pleased to have a resident author and muisican at KATFM, teaching our members to read, write and play music.


Spruce Up The Arts Centre Day

mark your calendarsOn Saturday the 21st of January at 12 noon, we’re going to paint and clear out the downstairs studios at Ashford Arts Centre. Our aim is to make the building nicer for our members, especially the children who come here every week to learn to play an instrument, sing and meet up with their friends.

Our arts centre is 100% run by volunteers. Right now, we’re asking you to volunteer an afternoon of your time and skills to improve things in the arts centre.

If you’re no builder, but can bring food or drink for the workers, that would be appreciated.

If you’re in a position to donate towards building supplies, that would be appreciated too.

Over the next several weeks, we will be undergoing visits and inspections to get part of the centre ready to become a licensed childcare facility, this means we can offer extended childcare and programmes such as the Sure Start programmed for 3 – 5 year olds. It means we can hire our most steadfast volunteers and offer new jobs to the community.

If you’ve got a couple hours or so on Saturday, please come help us get the rooms sorted.

Thank you,
Rhonda and Ritchie

Arts Club Thursday’s

Ashford Arts Centre is pleased to announce a change in the line-up of after-school clubs.

Thursday afternoons from 4:00 – 5:30 the Arts Club will meet in place of Junior Music and Film. Origami is definitely a regular activity, but so is singing, finger-painting, sketching,  photography and a bit of filmmaking and playing instruments. The Arts Club is about all the Creative and Performing Arts we can squeeze into a single afternoon once a week!

If you’re over age 4, then come join us. We currently have age 4 – 12’s in the group, but older children are welcome to join in the fun.


Learn English With An Experienced Teacher In Ashford Town Centre.

There is no charge for arts centre members to take this course.

The Lower Intermediate English course has 30 units. There are 5 sessions in each unit. The best way is to meet Monday to Friday to complete a unit each week. Click here to see what you’ll be learning.

If you’re willing to commit to the class, then I’m willing to commit to teach you. I can guide you from Lower Intermediate to Advanced English. I can prepare you for the EFL exam.

If you really want to learn, then I recommend the following schedule:
11:00 – 12:15 Monday to Friday.

I don’t teach on Friday’s, but I’m willing to come in on my day off to work with you.

Can you make it?

Do you want to really want to learn English? We can start as soon as 3 people confirm they want to take this class.

Thank you,
01233 637 309

Christmas Concert in Ashford on 17/12/16

Ashford Arts Centre is hosting its annual Christmas Concert on Saturday the 17th of December at 1:00pm.

The Performance Choir will sing, the AAC Band will play, the Film and Production Club will show a short film using images and artwork created by the Junior Music and Film Club. There’s to be a sing-along and free snacks at the end.

Come join us and see what Ashford ARTS Centre is all about.



Plans for 2017

By October 2017, the AAC will have sponsored the following:

  1. Six episodes of ‘The Brilliant Book’
  2. The 3rd annual Ashford Fringe Festival
  3. A trip to Disneyland for any member that wants to join us.


All-Inclusive Membership or PAYG Available

The all-inclusive membership allows you to immerse yourself and your family in a wide range of creative experiences on a regular basis. You can take weekly music lesson on piano and/or voice. You can participate in a choir, film/production or acting group and a lot more… for a very affordable flat monthly fee of £25 for an individual or £50 for a family.

Members get discounts on our courses offering a qualification and some of the short courses are free to members, but you have to pay for the certificate which a fee charged by the university offering the course through our arts centre.

Non-members can pick and choose courses they might like to take without the creative experiences available to our members. PAYG visitors generally pay £6 – 10 per session, depending on the class.

We are in the process of becoming accredited to offer college courses here and year-round accredited training. The college will be separate from AAC membership and casual PAYG classes.