First Home Ed GCSE Graduate

Congratulations to Ryan Oke as the first ever Home Education GCSE candidate to sit the English Language exam at Ashford Arts Centre.

Ashford Arts Centre responds to the needs of its members and when Home Education families asked for access to GCSE Exams, we set up Kent Education Centre, a tiny GCSE Exam and tuition service based inside the arts centre.

In June 2019, the KEC will put forward several GCSE exam candidates. Rhonda Merrick, Head of Centre told Arts Centre Magazine “It was hard work, many hoops to jump through but we got there in the end and we are thrilled for Ryan and his family.”

Learners come to the arts centre for various reasons, some are chronically ill and their weekly visits to London clinics are too disruptive to attend mainstream school.  Some learners were unable to function in a school environment for other reasons, but this meant limited access to education support. At Ashford Arts Centre, every learner meets privately with a tutor one to four times a week and this means everyone moves at his or her own pace.  When a learner has successfully completed all the coursework required, then the next available GCSE exam date will be scheduled.

Kent Education Centre is likely to outgrow its little space inside Ashford Arts Centre and will be moving to its own premises. That’s the real beauty of the arts centre, it’s an incubator for great ideas that need to start really small. In 2018, KEC sent one learner to the GCSE Exam Board, in 2019, there will be at least 3 learners. By 2020… who knows?

Onward and upward.