Home Education Support at Ashford Arts Centre

It’s not easy to make the decision to home educate your child.

Home Education GCSE Exam and Tuition Centre

Illness:  We know that some children are removed from school for health reasons.  A number of our HE learners have weekly visits to London clinics and sometimes they have to stay an extra day or two and sometimes, the treatment and tests they’ve undergone leave them feeling a bit poorly for a while. At Ashford Arts Centre, we’re here to help every child and young person to reach their best potential in life. We’re here to help ease the isolation and make life a bit less about dreading the next trip to the clinic. We aim to normalise being in a structured, yet deeply creative and nurturing environment.

Social Anxiety/Bullying:  We know that some young people suffer from social anxiety that’s so strong, they can’t quite face the world sometimes and if the problem is made unbearable by bullying in any form, then their parents may find themselves desperately seeking a solution to ease their child’s pain. It may feel like no one is listening… no one at the school seems to care and home education seems a daunting decision to make, but it may also feel like the only option to keeping ones child physically, mentally and emotionally safe.

Personal Choice:  There are former school teachers who have become parents and decide to educate their children at home and in the wide world rather than in the confines of a school house.  There are fey parents who don’t want to risk exposing their children to the rigours or regimented environment of a school.  There are desperate parents who can’t understand why their child is constantly getting into trouble and decide to educate and safeguard at home. There are thousands of reasons for home education.

Ashford Arts Centre is not here to judge your reasons for educating at home. Our focus is on helping each child and young person that comes here to find self-confidence, express themselves creatively and take advantage of as much or little of the self-paced, structured learning environment we have created here. We hope to assist HE learners in getting through GCSE exams and finding the right path to a college or career of the learners choice. Whatever you need to move forward, we can help or we can find someone who can.

To the young people in Home Education, please take a few moments with your parents and…

Have a look at our courses.

Get involved with music performance or production, filmmaking, discussion groups or even field trips!

Join a small group of friends and take a short term course at a local college together.  Learn something new and figure out what’s next for your future.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Miss Merrick , Founding Director