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10 Weeks - FCSE Basic Spanish 101a

Spanish Courses

Basic Conversation and Grammar

FCSE (Foundation Certificate of Secondary Education) 



Basic Spanish 101a - Listening

The Spanish Foundation Course at Ashford Arts Centre consists of 4 quarterly sections which you can take in any order: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The course will prepare you to progress into the GCSE Spanish course. No prior experience required.  

£120 per quarter

4 quarterly payments: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing English.

English Courses

Lower Intermediate





Basic English 101a

The Functional Skills English course is made of 4 sections: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.  Each section of the course is run over a quarterly term. You can start at the beginning of any term-time,  but must complete all 4 sections to earn the qualfication. If English is not your first language, you will need to complete entry-level ESOL courses before taking this qualification.  You can progress to GCSE English after taking this course, if you choose to do so.