Club Memberships are payable monthly by direct debit. We follow the Kent County Schools calendar. There is no contract. Members receive free access to weekly piano lessons, choir, arts groups, film and production training and performance opportunities. Members will also receive discounts on extended daycare and holiday camps and some qualifications.

WHAT YOU GET: (Not all items on this list are part of the Basic Membership Plan)
  • Participate in a range of community group activities
  • film shoots
  • music clubs
  • Adult and Youth Theatre Groups
  • Language Club
  • recording sessions
  • voice-over/acting workshops
  • create and watch original films
  • participate in our festivals
  • free access to events
  • discounts on ticketed events
  • Invitations to member-only events
  •  Best of all, you’re helping to keep our non-profit arts project ticking along. Sign up to become a member of the AAC here. 
Single Person – Click Here: Single £25.00 a month OR Click Here: Single £150 paid twice a year
Entire Family – Click Here: Family  £50.00 a month (must live at the same address).  TWICE A YEAR Click Here: Family £300 paid twice a year

Details of offer subject to change