Seventy Five Percent Discount On Music Tuition – Financial Assistance For Music Students

Ashford Arts Centre is excited to announce a new fund which gives a 75% discount on music tuition to any family receiving Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit or a range of other benefits. The arts centre delivers the Trinity College London graded course on a wide range of instruments, for any young person in Ashford aged 5 to 18.

Families who receive Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit automatically qualify to receive a 75% discount on their child’s music tuition fees. The funding is intended to help hard-working families who would like to give their child a chance to learn to play the piano, violin, cello or guitar… but can’t afford the lessons or the instrument. The funding provided by Arts Council England through Kent Music makes it possible for Ashford Arts Centre to provide superb quality musical instruction from a range of highly qualified and experienced Music Teachers. The arts centre is currently accepting applications from experienced Music Tutors on any instrument. This means the Arts Council England Funding delivered through Kent Music is helping to create new jobs whilst dramatically raising standards in music for students at Ashford Arts Centre.

For several years, the arts centre has offered a Basic Membership which enabled anyone in the community to learn basic piano, singing techniques, film-making, drama and art for just £25 a month. The Arts Council funding through Kent Music means these families will now pay less than £25 a month to have their child receive far higher quality musical training from Grade 1 to Grade 8 and arts centre membership is free for all music students.

The arts centre also has a Residency at Ashford College in the fabulous Elwick Road Studios. Weekly sessions are held there for talented singers in the Recording Artist programme. It’s an additional time committment, by audition project, but it’s also completely free to music students interested in pursuing a career as a recording artist.

Residents at Ashford College

At the moment, singing, cello, piano and guitar are available, but the arts centre is keen to set up string ensembles, please get in touch if you’re interested in violin, viola or similar instruments.

Also, in addition to the 75% discount on tuition fees, you can also borrow any instrument through Kent Music for practically nothing.

Any family living on a tight budget who has a young person interested in learning to play an instrument now has a chance to do that at Ashford Arts Centre. Please, bring your child to learn to sing or play and instrument at the arts centre and support all of the wonderful activities available year-round at Ashford’s Creative and Performing Arts.