About Us

The Road You Choose, a feature film sponsored by Ashford Arts Centre

Ashford Arts

Ashford Arts Centre provides creative spaces for community, semi-professional and professional projects, events and exhibitions.

The School of Music at Ashford Arts Centre offers the Trinity College London piano, singing and guitar courses from Initial to Grade 8.

Intimate and Eclectic Concerts at Ashford Arts Centre expose small, warmly receptive, live music audiences to enjoy a wide range of wonderful performances inside ACT, the arts centre's tiny theatre.

Film maker groups are based at the arts centre to create everything from weekly game shows for global distribution to feature films headed to film festivals and cinema screens around the world.  It's a place to gain work experience on student films, find the right team of people to get your project off the ground and onto the screen and more.

Meet the Team

Ashford Arts Centre was founded by artists and is run by artists in art, music, dance, and film

Rhonda Merrick

Founder & Managing Director

Miss Merrick creates movies and music with a wide range of people when she's not running the arts centre.

Gary Marsh

Head of Trustees

Mr. Marsh is a retired teacher who enjoys taking photos during his frequent travels around the globe. This is a photo he took on a visit to Nepal.

Catherine Irmak

Trustee and Maths Teacher

Mrs. Irmak is a gifted artist and Mathematician who brings warmth and deep understanding of her subject to Kent Education Centre learners.

Next Steps...

To book music lessons to theatre performances, call us at 01233 637 309