Surprise For Children’s Art Club

Groundwork, a fantastic charity that aims to help disadvantaged communities in the UK, has provided the Ashford Arts Centre with funding to purchase some extra cabinet storage. The charity are extremely passionate about communities and helping young people to fulfill their potential. They encourage others to be the very best that they can be, so we were all extremely happy that they wanted to offer a helping hand. 
The charity was first established to help communities cope with social, political and economic change and to improve people's everyday lives. They recognise that every community takes pride in their local areas and that local businesses with passion and ideas, like ours here at the Ashford Arts Centre, can help to improve other people's circumstances. Groundwork exists to unlock that passion through services, projects and programmes that have the ability to change lives,  but can also make our communities more resilient for the future.
The new red cabinets at Ashford Arts Centre will be used during our exciting Children's Art Club, and will be extremely helpful to both students and teachers when tidying up and putting away messy arts and crafts. Just look at how happy Mr Marsh is with the new addition to the classroom! We're all very grateful to Groundwork for helping us gain access to more educational resources for a better learning environment for all. Thank you from all of us here!